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Kurt Hansbury

Medical Device Expert


Kurt Hansbury is a certified medical equipment representative based in Falmouth, ME with a strong background in account management, sales, and medical equipment technology. With over two decades of experience under his belt, Kurt is a highly specialized and successful professional who goes above and beyond to execute his responsibilities. Over the course of his career, Mr. Hansbury has received numerous awards for outstanding achievements on the job.

While Kurt Hansbury began his career in account management, he excelled and thrived in the medical equipment sales field. He had been working in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and decided to take the next step to further his career by delving into the world of medical device sales. Kurt spent the next 20 years working with Pfizer as the Senior Therapeutic Representative before accepting a position with Medtronic where he combined his account management skills and newfound specialty in medical equipment as the Advanced Surgical Technologies Account Manager.

Most sales professionals have a less than glowing reputation, however, Kurt Hansbury is the exception. The medical device field is an industry in which Kurt had wanted to get involved with for quite some time. He firmly believes in making a positive impact on people’s lives and uses his specialty in medical equipment to help others every day. Through his work, Kurt was able to join surgeons in the operating room to provide them with new products that could more effectively help patients. Mr. Hansbury takes immense pride in being able to advise medical professionals on tools needed that can reduce time spent in surgery, increase the efficiency of procedures, or decrease recovery time. Kurt refuses to sell a product he does not 100% believe in and is passionate about making sure his clients are completely satisfied. Mr. Hansbury also possesses a competitive streak and enjoys competing with other companies to ensure his clients get the best products, and his team submits the most sales.

It is extremely apparent that while the financial aspects of the job are not too shabby, the most motivating factor for Kurt Hansbury is his ability to contribute to making someone’s life easier through the superior medical equipment he sells.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Kurt Hansbury is an all-around family man. He has three children and loves spending as much quality time with them as possible. They often go mountain biking, hiking, camping, and skiing as a family. Kurt is also a huge sports fan and watches games with his kids as often as possible.

Past Positions


Account Manager — Advanced Surgical Technologies
Aug. 2015 — Jul. 2018


Senior Therapeutic Specialty Representative
Jun. 1999 — Aug. 2015


Account Manager
Jun. 1995 — Jun. 1999


  • Contributor of the Year — Pfizer, 2012
  • Vice President’s Cabinet Award — Pfizer, 2008
  • Vice President’s Cabinet Award — Pfizer, 2007
  • Vice President’s Cabinet Award — Pfizer, 2004
  • Vice President’s Cabinet Award — Parke-Davis, 2001


Kurt Hansbury is a graduate of St. Michael’s College, from which he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentrations in Business and Economics.

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