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Long gone are the days of waiting hours for a doctor appointment or weeks for test results. You’d have to call to find out what the results were and maybe go back down to the office. A large part of healthcare relates to customer service and digitalization is helping make it a focus for the industry. Technology is contributing to help people live longer, safer, more productive lives. Here are five trends that are emerging in healthcare.


Telemedicine is allowing individuals all over to access medicine. It’s especially helpful to people living in rural areas without access to certain specialists. Telemedicine allows everyone access to the doctors they need. It also significantly cuts travel costs. People can even talk to a doctor over the phone, receive a diagnosis, and get a prescription ordered without leaving home in some cases.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence cuts down the time patients need to wait for test results to come back. Body scans can analyze results of CAT scans nearly 150 times faster than a radiologist and provide these results to the patient.


Have you ever switched doctors and needed to transfer your records? Blockchain can allow doctors and specialists to receive your complete medical history without waiting for the practice to send your records. It could also help keep records safer.

AR and VR

Augmented reality assists doctors with learning how to carry out dangerous surgeries and procedures without using humans. The newest breakthrough is helping patients with Alzheimer’s disease recover happier memories from their earlier years.

Digital Twin

A digital twin links the physical and digital worlds. The technology allows providers to test treatments out in an identical digital situation. As time goes on, healthcare and insights improve.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices aren’t new to the healthcare field. As their use expands and more consumers contribute their data, more information is available to the healthcare industry to expand. The information guides new treatments, therapies, and allows the companies to examine trends.

Healthcare doesn’t usually inspire excitement as an industry, but the digital changes are making it much more interesting to follow. As time progresses and technology rapidly advances, we can only wait and see what comes next.